What a summer!

Feels like just yesterday, yet, hard to believe, it’s December already. I guess I missed the whole posting pictures during the summer thing. Busy I guess. Well, it was a wonderful summer of sailing on Heather, keeping her moored in Astoria, OR. Pictures and some notes below (not sure what happened to the picture size part way through, sorry).

One of the summer’s first sailing outings.
same sail- you can tell it isn’t summer yet with that gray sky.
It’s hard to beat the port quarterberth for a nap. Unless there are giant ships bearing down on you, which is almost always the case on the mighty Columbia. Heck, I’ve started checking AIS before heading out through the breakwater to make sure I don’t get run over.
First night on the hook- super rolly, blowing 25+, it was miserable. But my little anchor held well.
They weren’t rolling at anchor
The lamps worked, my new lights all worked, yippeee. The stove never worked (even with 2 new burners, an entire extra stove for parts, grrrr) and the sink only started working when I hauled her out.
Wonderful brisk sailing- heaven. She is perfectly balanced with 1 reef in and a bit easier to manage single-handed. Doesn’t get much better than this.
And onto the other tack- nothing but horizon ahead, until the next tack. Oh ya, and that freighter about to run you over. And the pilot boat. And fish boats.
And a wonderful reach back to the marina.
Finally found some people for whom a Carol has standing headroom- now just don’t get any bigger, or eat that silicon caulk I left in the sink. Whoops. I also usually don’t leave a colossal mess of jib in the forepeak.
A rare sighting of us- taken by my wonderful sister on a little day sail adventure. Skin color tells you a little something about who got to sail more this summer.
And we passed my friend Mike out for a sail on his beautiful Cheoy Lee. We still haven’t raced them against each other- I think they rate about the same though. Hmmmm.
Barreling into Astoria- sorry for the vertical video. Amateur social media move.

And I got to do lots more sailing, unfortunately all within about 15 miles of Astoria. It turns out that a big river mouth with one of the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world and 3-5 knot tidal currents isn’t the greatest place to sail, although it is good for getting you in “oh shit, gotta figure this out” situations to build skill and test systems. At least that is what I kept telling myself. But, I did go on some other adventures, often with wood boats, so am including them here. More Heather stuff in the next post.

We’re just like those other trucks, right?
Three wood boats and 8 Waldos this year at the Waldo Lake Waldathalon
Drift boat dinner on Wallowa Lake
Hand falling enormous dead cedar trees. For scale, that is a pretty danged big saw with a 32″ bar.
Drove across the country in 3 days.
Cut some firewood.
And went on some river trips- this one in the rain.