To do:

I was much better at keeping to-do lists on the last few projects, but am getting there with this one.

There are the must to-dos, and the want to-dos. The musts are as follow:

  • re-finish, paint, varnish all surfaces.
  • build new fore-hatch
  • cut and install plexiglass ports and skylight
  • re-install all hardware, etc.
  • get new standing rigging (it’s done, just need to pick up)
  • re-do all running rigging
  • get outboard up and running again
  • install thru-hulls
  • install depth sounder transducer

the wants to-dos:

  • build beautiful cedar back rests, like on Jeanette (the sistership in the NW)
  • wire up snazzy LED system
  • Figure out stand up rowing or yuloh sculling system as backup or primary non-sail propulsion
  • get a new mainsail, the jib from Banks looks great.
  • figure out a way to move the chain aft to center weight in the boat.
  • plumb in water tank
  • find perfect bucket for sink since it no longer has a drain (replaced with depth sounder).
  • get depth sounder working

And the final to-do: go sailing!

A few pictures:

currently the hull has a first coat of primer as does the deck. The interior is half painted, and all of the epoxy / fiberglass work is pretty much done. 

Some inspiration from the Carol sistership Jeannette- I particularly like the back rests and plan to make myself a set. I also plan to copy the forehatch, and may need to make myself a new mainsail cover. I already made a new tiller, since the old one was warped about 6″ over it’s 4′ length. 

A little bit more inspiration, I’m ready to be here! I don’t know who owns Jeannette, but she sold just a year or two ago in southern BC. 

And the final inspiration- what I’m reading right now. What a complete nut, but a truly articulate fellow who’s musings are a joy to work through. If you haven’t been following, it is worth both checking out the Golden Globe Race, which started 3 days ago. It is a re-creation of the famous 1968 Golden Globe race, a non-stop around the world singlehanded sailing race. The current race seeks to harken back to those days of remarkable single handed sailing:

And, if you don’t know about it, go check out the R2AK. Timber OR is also a small frontier town filled with bears…

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