Summer Slowtimes

One of my favorite boat info outlets, Off Center Harbor, seems to be pretty fixated on slowing down this summer. If you haven’t visited their site, you definitely should.

I’ve taken that to heart this summer. Hence, very few Carol pictures, and more pictures of other boats. It’s smoky here in Oregon, still hot, and I’m re-learning that boat work is about sanding, sanding, and then sanding some more.

Our bi-annual Waldathon only accepts pretty boats. This one is a cedar tripping canoe that I built in highschool with wood from our family business, Hyla Woods. 

And my sister in her Pygmy kayak on a beautiful glassy morning. Nice spruce oar in the foreground from Shaw and Tenney. 

Prospero, a glued lapstrake whitehall that our grandfather got in the 80s and rowed avidly until he passed. The boat on the left is a real gem, and probably worth a lot once the aluminum tarrifs go fully into effect 😉 

Late night in the barn. She looks a little pockmarked from sanding the second coat of primer. She’s nice and fair now though and ready for off-white topsides paint. The brightwork all got a first coat of varnish yesterday. 

And the best way to get rid of the last piece of hardware that I couldn’t get off. Cut it apart with the angle grinder. It turns out that the screws weren’t seized in the wood, but instead the stainless had seized to the aluminum cleat. No amount of heat, knocking, penetrating oil, etc, could get it loose. 

And a video that may or may not load, this is what the Waldathalon is all about: