A week or two of concerted work has made for some good progress. And a little local exploring as well with two neat boats, at opposite ends of the boat spectrum.  As follows:

Hull primer sanded and sheer strake taped off. 

And a coat of epoxy on the sheer strake. 

Isn’t that beautiful! 

Another shot of the epoxy and partially sanded rudder. 

Edges on the hatch plexiglass beveled and new ports cut out. 

Forehatch frame constructed and Buoy Beer drunk. The hatch will have the plexiglass applied to the top, overhanging the edges slightly, using 3M VHB tape and metal fasteners. Was going to go more traditional, but a traditional hatch with the inset light offers too many ways for water to intrude. 

The ever-important sitting spot for looking at the boat. Every shop needs a good sitting spot and comfy chairs (these ones are particularly comfy and cool though). 

And finally some tangents. First, a pretty sad looking Carol that I tracked down in a yard in North Portland. The hull looks like a mess, fiberglass with significant deformation. Very nice Merriman hardware though. The yard just got title to her and will sell in the next month, but they are unwilling to sell any of the sails, parts, etc. What a bummer. I’m almost tempted to buy her, salvage all the parts, and then cut up the hull.

And a very cool boat that came through Portland- very french, very aluminum. Tara expeditions.

That’s all for now!