Fall Firsts


First off, happy fall equinox!

It’s been a week of firsts. First rain of the season, first coat of the final paint color on the Carol, first fire in the shop stove, and the cabin, for the year, and first time (maybe) tensioning the drive belt on our mill- a true breakthrough!

Boat progress has been slow and steady, and as always, I’m uncovering more projects as I go. I purchased Chuck Paine’s e-book on boat designs, and through the emails asked him about keel bolts, which have been on my mind as of late. He agreed with me that simply adding a few won’t hurt, so another addition to the list. In measuring the mast I also discovered that it may be 1’6″ taller than designed, and that the boom fittings are severely corroded. The plan is to make up some composite fittings to keep corrosion at bay- a good winter project, and potentially add 2 shivs to the end of the boom to facilitate running reef lines inside the boom.

Finally, due to a cabin project, work, and the potential of other sailing, I’m leaning towards a summer 2019 launch, allowing me to slowly pick away at remaining projects and not launch her half baked or rush anything. We’ll see. It sure would be nice to get out and sail her. In the meantime, a few boat pictures (beginning and end) and a lot of tangents (mostly wood related).

First fire of the season in the shop stove- warming it up for the first coat of varnish on all surfaces (from rudder head to coamings and sheerstrake). 

Quick detour over the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado in the bottom of Grand Canyon. You can see some smoke on the north rim. The Alaska Air pilot flew right down the San Juan from Bluff UT all the way down the Colorado to Lake Mead. 

Cedar for the backrests in the cockpit. 

The final color- Interlux off-white with the varnished mahogany sheer strake. She’s starting to make the barn look a bit shabby. 

Only 7 more coats of varnish and 3 more coats of paint to go! Plus the bottom paint, boot stripe, decks, etc. 

I really should get rid of that outboard mount. 

And my main distraction- a little timber framed sitting spot. Structure forthcoming.