Color Scheme

Progress has been slow and steady these last few weeks. Final sanding on the hull before another coat of primer, selection and purchasing of paints, picking up the rigging, fitting the backing plates for the thru hulls, and painting the interior. Most of all, lots of daydreaming about sailing, calm anchorages in British Columbia, will the outboard be functional? Should I just sell it and buy a new mainsail? Needless to say, a quick overnight backpacking trip got me thinking about these finer, and further in the future, details.

And for the colors, I decided against bianchi green, phew! She’ll have an off-white hull and a gull gray deck, with everything else finished bright.

But in the meantime, some photo updates:

Isn’t that varnish beautiful on the stripped and sanded main cabin hatch? Now just imagine it with a polished bronze deadlight. 

No need to imagine! And new plexiplass to boot.

Drilling holes in the hull shows a cool cross section of 3 layers of epoxies western red cedar. 

Hopefully the final coat of primer. 

Rudder finally removed- why didn’t I do that earlier? 

Before and after on the deadlights. 

A different kind of boat- ready for a few weeks off and about. I also finally decided not to paint the hull the same color of the Carol the same color as the deck of Wallowa! 

The greatest success of recent memory- I can’t think of the last time that all of the trailer lights worked, and particularly not the right turn signal. Countless hours with a multi-meter, re-attaching all the grounds, etc, no progress. Turned out that all they needed was a new plug. I guess I got new wiring out of the deal, and can merge right. 

And finally, a geriatric dream boat in Astoria. Let me know if I can borrow this thing when I’m 80. Must weight absolutely nothing based on the hull form.